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Wellness Makeovers

What if you could be healthier now?

Improve your relationships, work, recreation, nutrition, and sleep.

Life is full of transitions, and we may struggle before we evolve.  With the help of a Wellness Makeover, you can grow from good to great.  And if you feel like you are drowning or swimming for your life, I am here to support you during rough times.

Assess your situation, and take action to improve your baseline health in order to support all the other parts of your life.


Would you like to improve your nutrition?    
When you eat the best food possible, you live the best life possible, and I will inspire and guide you to make nourishing and fulfilling choices.

The ocean is made up of single droplets of water.  We can even go so far as to reinvent our lives, starting with the simplest changes imaginable in our daily existence.  

I will help you commit to your direction, working from exactly where you are, no matter what is holding you back.

Begin to feel good immediately through the consultation process as you look deeply into your self where you will find the potential for healing and growth.

Wellness Makeovers use a holistic approach to instigate improvements in the various aspects of your life.  Enhance anti-aging mechanisms, regulate metabolism and digestion,  reduce stress, heal from injury and illness, and thrive in your life.

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Wellness Makeover Includes:

  • in-depth health history interview
  • assessment of current concerns
  • detailed recommendations
  • customized nutrition, yoga, lifestyle programs

“In a very short period of time you made a very big impact on me! …you really seem to have a great command of your subject. I feel privileged to benefit from your counsel.”

~K.A., Sacramento, California

“You did an excellent job. The review was so thorough and fun to read.  I like how it encompassed mind, body, relationships, spirit. … Thanks again for this great report.  You are such a great person and a wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner — you have the gift! Thanks for the information.”

~L.M., South Lake Tahoe, California

Private Yoga Sessions addressing your individual needs

Develop a practice ideally suited to your specific body, time of life, and environmental factors.  I will accommodate your interests and give you a new place to begin with limitless potential for healing growth.

* Group Yoga Classes at your location, for a special event, family, or business

  • beach and trailside settings
  • in your own home
  • at the office or workplace ~ a valuable employee benefit
  • teambuilding events
  • weddings
  • family reunions
  • retreats and conferences
  • getaway gathering
  • healing events

Thanks so much. Yoga was the absolute perfect way to start the day. We all loved the class and talked about it for the rest of the weekend. I’m so glad you were there to kick off the day with us!

~S.S., Australia, married in South Lake Tahoe

*Customized Healing Ayurveda and Yoga Retreats

Options include:

  • private or group yoga practice
  • nutritional cooking and diet plans
  • meditation, stress-reduction, and counseling
  • nature experiences and outdoor adventures
  • walking, hiking, exploring, bicycling, paddling, and sailing
  • journaling, reading, poetry, and art experience

*Healing Slow Food Personal Chef Services

  • food prepared with love and care
  • planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining
  • nutritional cooking and diet plans
  • meals for healing from injury, illness, and stress
  • weekly meals
  • special occasions and holidays

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