Yoga is a state of being, the realization of our oneness with the universe.  Numerous windows open into this ancient knowledge which guides us in our daily lives.


From wherever you are in this moment, yoga is accessible to you.  Ocean Ayurveda specializes in customized yoga experiences to meet any individual’s needs.

Enjoy the benefits of yoga immediately and for a lifetime!

Yoga is available for all ages and physical abilities and may be adapted to meet your specific needs, goals, and interests.

Schedule a yoga session now for yourself or your group, live or online

  • find balance
  • regulate energy levels
  • tune all systems of the body
  • calm the senses
  • relax the body and mind
  • sharpen concentration
  • increase flexibility
  • build strength
  • tone all tissues in the body
  • rejuvenate and revitalize
  • maintain vitality and youthfulness
  • create more time and space in your life
  • improve relationships and work habits
  • support your other activities and sports
  • nurture total wellbeing
paddleboard Upper Truckee Marsh
photo by D. Zuhlke
  • develop a personal yoga practice
  • improve your overall health with one session — or ongoing yoga coaching
  • celebrate a special occasion with a yoga class for your guests: weddings, reunions, retreats
  • take yoga with you wherever you go: vacations, sailing trips, nature immersions
  • create a unique yoga retreat in any location


Flexible pricing available for custom-designed retreats and events.  In the spirit of yoga, Ocean Ayurveda provides opportunities to trade services and will not turn away those in need.

May all beings find peace and contentment.

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