Awakening into wellbeing

Where are you?  Who are you?  What is your life’s purpose?  Why are you here?  When will you find what you seek?

The simple answers to these overwhelming questions lie in the ordinary moments of our day-to-day lives.  Here, in the present moment, is everything we need for life.  An intention for change and improvement is a seed from which new life will sprout as we provide optimal conditions for growth.

Now is the time to look within and cultivate the qualities required for thriving in even the most challenging situations.  Inevitably, we all are exposed to toxins,  stretched beyond healthy limits, and faced with elements we cannot control.  The question is not, how do we get away from such difficulties? — but rather, how do we process experience and build our immunity?

Join Ocean Ayurveda on a journey into health, changing the world starting with your very own self.

Open to the divine wisdom that will permeate your being and transform the universe.  You are a shining star, perhaps shrouded in confusion, fear, and doubt.  Subtle shifts in the basic rituals of our lives — from the time we wake up, to what, where, and how we eat, and the way we interact with others — can release these dark coverings and allow us to shine brightly.

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