Welcome to your true nature

Lie still on the ground.

Lie flat.

Face the palms to the sky.


Close the eyes.  Gaze down into the body.

Find your center.

There is a line down the middle of your body, through the very center, from the highest point on the crown of your head, through your throat, chest, waist, down through your seat, between your feet.  Straighten yourself out along this long line.

Rest and allow the ground to hold you.  Let any natural releases occur, freeing the flow and letting go.

Notice the way you feel, the sensations in the body, if you feel hot or cold, the movement of the air around your body.  See yourself lying on the ground as if you were looking down from above at the shape of your form on the earth.

Listen, and hear the sounds from far away, imagining the noises on top of the highest mountains, eagles calling, the wind in the trees, waterfalls crashing over rocks.  Hear the sounds coming down from the mountain along the paths and roads — footsteps, traffic, music, machines, horns.  Listen to the space outside your immediate surroundings, human voices and actions, birds, insects, plants moving in the breeze.  Hear the sounds nearby, a leaf falling, a clock, the hum of a motor or light, water in pipes, another person’s breath.

Hear the sound of your own breath.  Listen in.  Notice the sounds of your body.  You can bring your hands to the body, or clear your throat, or take a deep breath to bring the attention in.

Release and allow yourself to sink into the the soft arms of the ground.  In your stillness, observe the ongoing movements of your body, the blood flowing through the vessels, nerve impulses, the expansions and contractions of the breath.

Follow the breath as it goes in and out.  With the inhales: fresh life, new energy, and vitality rush into you.  With the exhales, we release toxins, let go of stale air, and cleanse the entire body.  Each breath nourishes, activates, and rejuvenates the cells.

Listen, to each cell, and understand your current state of being.  Any thoughts rising up, any emotions, sensations, these are information.  Pay attention.  Acknowledge the information, honor how your body is in this moment, and act accordingly.

Tune in to the gross body, the skin and bones, all the tissues in the body, using all your senses, taking care of any areas which are injured or in pain.

Be conscious of the subtle body, the mind and emotions, and respect and care for yourself by cultivating the balancing energies you need to be uplifted.

Open up to the causal body, the universal power which contains the healing power.  Surrender to this higher force.

There is nothing that you need to do now but lie in stillness.  Rest, and allow the body to be reborn in every breath.

As you move, stay close to the quietness.  Come back to it in any moment like a pool that you can drink from.  Draw the quietness in with every breath.  Listen and continue listening to all that is around you and that which is within you.

Om peace peace peace Om


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