Celebrating independence

True freedom is a breath of fresh air.

If you are blessed to live with clear, clean air to breathe, celebrate this precious life force, and do all you can to protect it.  Honor home: your own self and the place where you live, the land, and the water. This is our gift. Our power is peace that comes from within.

We gain great power when we recognize the connection between microcosm and macrocosm.  What we do has a significant impact, and most of us fail to realize the magnitude of our power.  Empower yourself to create a better world beginning with your self-care.  We must care for our own bodies first, and when we do, we are better prepared to care for others, to care for our homes, to care for our work, to care for our Earth.

Celebrate each action, no matter how small, which creates greater wellbeing for your self.  When you eat delicious and nourishing food, take the time to acknowledge how this vital action sustains you and makes you a more healthy person to meet the challenges of life.  When you get a good night’s rest, rise with gratitude, and be carried by the flowing ripple effect through the hours of activity.

Be accountable for your own contentment, creating the peace within that leads to peace for the universe.  This is no small task!  Ha!  And yet it is our simplest calling, just to be at peace.  We have the power to make this choice.  When faced with adversity, anxiety, or aggression, take 3 deep breaths, and choose peace; through compassion and forgiveness, we may release our negative views and breathe easier in a space of soothing neutrality.  We still see the challenges, but we no longer allow the intensity of negative emotion to build a burning fire within.  After all, that pain and suffering we feel is our experience, and in this independent ownership of our own feelings, we have the freedom to change what we feel.

Begin to practice personal change by pausing for 3 deep breaths.  Take in the air, and allow it to fill you completely, opening up new space in the body.  Within this space, this room to breathe, we can unfold, awaken, and even experience bliss.  As we let go of the breath, let it sweep away pain, distress, and tension, clearing the body of toxins.  And as the next fresh breath rushes in, feel the sense of clarity, calmness, and peace.  You are on the road to liberation.  Woo hoo!

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